the stars and the moon.

Hello hello..strange things in our universe. Guess i should write something earlier but better late than never. First i have to saw everyone that i keep my promises that's why i am NOT gonna write something about the fashion weeks of the last few..weeks. (at least for now despite that i said i will but i W I L L ). Philosophy as a part of my everyday life (at school) makes me wonder a lot and honestly i am not gonna write long-term quotes i just try to say a few words about this post.
The title is simple however the post has nothing to do with that. 
As you can see I've joined the MARNI x H&M experience with my mate and I was about to cry after laughing for hours. Then...jam and tea for US. an old summer photo and my quite new Cheap Monday denim. The rest of the photos from garypeppervintage.blogspot.com (Brooklyn bridge) fashiongonerouge.com

and let's just make things clear. Think i am addicted to that song (maybe 2) definitely suggest
1. Never let me go~ Florence & the machine
2. The same mistake~ James Blunt

But I said I won't say a lot...but stay tuned.

p.s. life is a mystery but you are always there. so just stay there.'cause you're important.

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