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Good girls go bad. Sunday.

need to come back with a new post & i will.
c'est moi


cloud 9

Hello hello dearest of the readers, exams are now miles away from the beautiful summer in front of us. The sun is hot and the slight breeze somewhere in the night reminds me that in a few days i'll enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters of  Crete. My lovely mate and I. While i was listening my favorite songs of the last few months (the absolute indie rock experience) i found those amazing photos from the winter collection of Wildfox i chose some of those i really loved. Hopefully i will spent more time in my blog but till then i still search. ;)

photo source: ilovewildfox.com

models: Nicola Haffman, Liza Yermalovich, Jake Cooper, Jacob Young


extra bib

the gold of a lady
left & right: Lulu Frost 

The colorist
left: Shourouk, right : Dannijo (top), Assad Mounser (down)

Hello hello, ladies and (why not) gentlemen in today's-finally -i-have-made-a post i present you my latest inspiration! Seem like extravagant necklaces AND the A R E! Super stylish with a touch of elegance. I bet you have definitely met at least one girl or lady wear this magnificent creation. Am i seem to be really excited? I am. One of the best things about such pieces is that you can find them at really good prices. I've found so many i can't decide which one to takeee.
So that's all for now exams knocking my door and YES i have to study till our next "hello   hello, ladies and (why not) gentlemen" have FUN. 

photo source: tumblr, themanrepeller.


sweet dreams and flying machines

vintage treasure hided in granny's house.

Days pass over and I came through this "I hate myself for being confused".
Da da 
Spend hours of walking, having bought a "super" study- and- get-cultural novel and i-D magazine (The royal issue with great articles), I was trying to find my lost inspiration till the moment interesting sounds crossed my ears.
Even now, after a long time, those Zara boots are one of my favorite .
Midnight need to sleep is now knocking my door. Time to enjoy the soft bedsheets.

Sweet Dreams *



Lovisa Ekholm for
Grazia Germany March 2012.

photo source: ilovewildfox.com



"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night" once Steve Martin said. Well well deeply confused but in love [M] i am crazy about these tropic prints. Summer mood like sunshine, spent the rest of the day in a crazy way, colors all over, a slight breeze in the summer hit, crystal blue water, stars shining more than ever and my universe gets that color.

You're like my angel. The sunlight in the darkness

photo source: fashiongonerouge, tumblr


the stars and the moon.

Hello hello..strange things in our universe. Guess i should write something earlier but better late than never. First i have to saw everyone that i keep my promises that's why i am NOT gonna write something about the fashion weeks of the last few..weeks. (at least for now despite that i said i will but i W I L L ). Philosophy as a part of my everyday life (at school) makes me wonder a lot and honestly i am not gonna write long-term quotes i just try to say a few words about this post.
The title is simple however the post has nothing to do with that. 
As you can see I've joined the MARNI x H&M experience with my mate and I was about to cry after laughing for hours. Then...jam and tea for US. an old summer photo and my quite new Cheap Monday denim. The rest of the photos from garypeppervintage.blogspot.com (Brooklyn bridge) fashiongonerouge.com

and let's just make things clear. Think i am addicted to that song (maybe 2) definitely suggest
1. Never let me go~ Florence & the machine
2. The same mistake~ James Blunt

But I said I won't say a lot...but stay tuned.

p.s. life is a mystery but you are always there. so just stay there.'cause you're important.


ou la la

Oh and it seems like ages since the last time a "visit" this blog.  Hahaha. So hello again you little flowers reading this post. I cannot say for sure that this is the big come- back but it's definitely a piece of hello here I am. Well I could for sure write something about the Hot 'n Cold fashion weeks around the crazy world of fashion, say something about Marni addiction of some people the last time (due to H&M collaboration) I AM ADDICTED IS A  FACT or i could just say nothing but hello to my little blond girl (remember ?). "Mate HELLO to you too. See right now i can say it. by the way LOVE YA" . Upside a beautiful picture (no because i captured it) of a even more beautiful day, ME in my favorite knitting (h&m) and finally the adorable Lana.

Wait until the next post will probably be a fashion week diary till then 
H A V E    A   G  R E A T    T I M E


p.s. I don't remember you looking any better.


Random as can be

 Photo source: fashiongonerouge, h&m, stockholmstreetstyle, 5 inch and up, tapeovercrystal.com
Cheers to the freaky things that happening the last few days. Yeah we did it*.  
In this post : Just sweet and fresh pictures of adorable models, definitely-need jeans and fresh flowers.

Cheers to Mate
P.s. blond girl i am in love with you.