extra bib

the gold of a lady
left & right: Lulu Frost 

The colorist
left: Shourouk, right : Dannijo (top), Assad Mounser (down)

Hello hello, ladies and (why not) gentlemen in today's-finally -i-have-made-a post i present you my latest inspiration! Seem like extravagant necklaces AND the A R E! Super stylish with a touch of elegance. I bet you have definitely met at least one girl or lady wear this magnificent creation. Am i seem to be really excited? I am. One of the best things about such pieces is that you can find them at really good prices. I've found so many i can't decide which one to takeee.
So that's all for now exams knocking my door and YES i have to study till our next "hello   hello, ladies and (why not) gentlemen" have FUN. 

photo source: tumblr, themanrepeller.