ou la la

Oh and it seems like ages since the last time a "visit" this blog.  Hahaha. So hello again you little flowers reading this post. I cannot say for sure that this is the big come- back but it's definitely a piece of hello here I am. Well I could for sure write something about the Hot 'n Cold fashion weeks around the crazy world of fashion, say something about Marni addiction of some people the last time (due to H&M collaboration) I AM ADDICTED IS A  FACT or i could just say nothing but hello to my little blond girl (remember ?). "Mate HELLO to you too. See right now i can say it. by the way LOVE YA" . Upside a beautiful picture (no because i captured it) of a even more beautiful day, ME in my favorite knitting (h&m) and finally the adorable Lana.

Wait until the next post will probably be a fashion week diary till then 
H A V E    A   G  R E A T    T I M E


p.s. I don't remember you looking any better.