Undisclosed Desires...

We were prepared for that day...And finally it was time to visit our favourite H&M...Unfortunately we have to get to school, but we decided to get there and buy everything...After few hours we visit the Shop hoping to find the lovely Tops we wanted to buy...and "yes"...everything has been sold...from coats to earrings. Completely disappointed the blond girl and I ask for some help but we were informed that were only four pieces left.. so we ran fast to find them...disappointed for one more time we found 2 coats and 2 dresses, we choose a 36-size black dress and we tried on...perfect fit..!!! We never buy it..hope for a new Lanvin and H&M collaboration...so shopaholics cross your fingers...

Photos: The Blond Girl and Eva


The Blonde Girl...Part II

The blond girl and and I... 

 ...Live in a yellow submarine

                                                       Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
    We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.