Lost in books

Yesterday we visited Thessaloniki's Public Library. I have to admit that I am not such a huge fan of reading books but I could searching for the "perfect book" for hours. I saw thousand of books, magazines and newspapers. But the best...we had the chance to wander around just for an hour (I wish Iit could me more!). So Lia visited the floor with the art books and I with "The wild girl" (Sia) after took some photos, we got downstairs to take a look at the newspapers. Hmmm! what a smell! I could stay there for one week (at least). While I was reading a newspaper from 1949, I found THE fashion column called "Μόδα, για σας κυρίες μου" in English "Fashion, for you my ladies". Floral fabrics, gloves, hats, full calf length skirts just like Dior's 1947 New Look...Just amazing!!!

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